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We Are Never Alone

In my last letter I wrote about God – what HE is to Himself and in Himself – and about the endeavour, in love and dedication, to see everything from His point of view. Every flower in the garden has its own life: it grows, flowers, bears fruit etc., and is deprived of it when we view it under the perspective of its relevance to us – to what extent it is beautiful, fragrant, and to which degree it yields to our aesthetical sense and our desire to taste [experience] it. And it is the same with God.

We are never alone, never forsaken by God. He is always present everywhere. We have forsaken Him, are standing turned away from Him, with our backs to Him – shut out by our desire to have something from Him for our own sake. But if the secret will to serve and to love Him [bhakti] bursts open within us, then He is very, very close and will be experienced as such; closer to us than our own heart.
(Svami Sadananda Dasa, extract from a letter from 27 October 1953)