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Inner Freedom

In your letter there was yet another minor misunderstanding. I didn’t mean that the intention should be to give the audience a shock, but that you have to express clearly what you really know, without paying attention to the reactions of your listeners, and even if you in the eyes of the listeners appear as an idiot or if they should get a mental apoplectic fit. It’s not a matter of trying to produce such a shock. What you have to say is already a shock in itself.
In Mayapur I was present at a distribution of prizes, conducted by a minister. He sat comfortably and complacently rocking in a chair and came out with sheer platitudes. When I pointed out to him that he in this invisible realm, Mayapur, sat as on dynamite and that there was a shakti here which in a second could hurl him out of his ego, he jumped to his feet in dismay and looked helplessly at the police nearby – without getting a shock, as even this requires a qualification.
G. is of the opinion that “Sweden is too small for Sadananda”. – Tell him that the world is too small for me. I may find two or three people in a whole continent who can understand what rasa is and who are able to appreciate a work of rasika as the Bhagavatam or Caitanya-Caritamrita. Here in India there may be two or three persons?
To me it is as for Angira Muni in Bhagavatam VI. He came to Citraketu and wanted to offer him the highest gift there is – but found him longing for descendents. Everyone longs for something else, not for inner freedom. Everyone wants to remain a slave, only change clothes and chains, no one wants to cast them aside. What would you say about a jet plane for us all to Vaikuntha [the realm without intermission]? Are you ready – all of you there?
Svami Sadananda Dasa